Stuff I collect: DVDs

After giving much thought to this entry, I realized that I actually collect a lot of things. I collect The Beatles goodies, rare magazines, photography books, and rare shoes. But the most extensive collection of mine would have to be my DVD collection. It gives me a certain kind of high whenever I find something that I've been looking for, may it be a book or a film or a magazine (but films, mostly). It's just a great feeling, I guess. I guess being a communication arts major for four years has turned me into a film addict. And by saying film addict, I do mean film addict in every sense of the word. I live and breathe films! I write films, even. For my thesis, I wrote a full-length screenplay! I just want to watch every damn film there is. But of course, that's not humanly and economically possible. So instead, I research different independent and mainstream films and look for them at local stores and online. I've ordered a lot of DVDs through the internet and not all of them were pleasant, I have to say. (This entry is further asserting the sad fact that I am quite materialistic. Oh well, the truth is the truth!)

Like "The Tollbooth", for example. I had such high expectations for that film because I like stories that touch on controversial issues such as religion, sex, race, and the like. However, in this film's case, I was not even able to sit through the whole thing. I just had to stop it. I'm usually patient when it comes to movies but, this one really tested me. I'm sure there are people who enjoyed it. It's just that the lead really annoyed me so much and 90% of it was just her, whining and ranting like a spoiled kid who happened to be Jewish. Oh well. You can't expect to like every film, right? Anyway, you won't find that DVD in any of the pictures because I kept it in another cabinet. I didn't like it enough to display it with the others. Heh.

I AM GIVING AWAY "THE TOLLBOOTH". To be fair, its reviews on Amazon is mostly positive (which is what lured me to purchasing it in the first place). I'm thinking this film is just not for me. So if you're interested enough and you want to give it a shot, let me know.

Obviously, I prefer collector's or special edition DVDs because they're quite hard to find in stores. I swear by because their service is fast and customer-friendly! Many of the titles I have were bought from Amazon and so far, I have not experienced any problems with them (except for the atrocity that is The Tollbooth, but that's my own doing).

So, here are some of the DVDs that I've collected for more than a year now. They're not that many yet. But I have a feeling I'll need a huge DVD cabinet for when I get my own place someday! I plan to collect for as long as I can (blu-ray does not tempt me, at all).


  1. Pride and Prejudice
  2. A Streetcar Named Desire and Citizen Kane (a tie)
  3. The Godfather Trilogy
  4. Fight Club and Being John Malkovich (a tie, again)
  5. Star Wars Trilogy

It's so hard to pick five but if this was a top SIX list, I'd put "Singin' in The Rain" as well. But darn, it's just a top five list.


  1. A Streetcar Named Desire
  2. The Last King of Scotland
  3. Memento
  4. Revolutionary Road (So depressing.)
  5. The Virgin Suicides (Another depressing one.)


  1. A Streetcar Named Desire
  2. American Gangster
  3. The Godfather (I have a thing for beautiful, violent films)
  4. Pride and Prejudice
  5. Troy

I plan to get the following films soon: - Amelie (it's a shame that I still don't have a DVD copy because I LOVE IT) - Paris, Je'Taime (a true favorite!) - New York, I Love You (I pre-ordered it already! I refuse to watch it on my laptop).

Anyway, I'm too exhausted to proofread this entry. I'll leave the grammatical errors alone!

The ultimate favorites.. Citizen Kane, A Streetcar Named Desire, Singin' In The Rain, Memento, Pride & Prejudice

My film professor introduced me to Citizen Kane and I'm thankful he did!

Special edition DVDs: "Wanted", in a steel case & "Troy", with a photo book

My most-prized item: A boxed DVD set of "Pride and Prejudice" with a photo book, a soundtrack CD, and an extra DVD with behind-the-scenes clips!

The Bennet family tree

I got both of these from California because they're not available here. "The Godfather" is, actually, but it's packaged in ugly plastic cases now. My set was given to me as a gift when I went to San Francisco.

So there you go. I plan to write about my Beatles collection next. Although, it's a pretty small collection, to be honest.