Books and goodies

I know it sucks that the man had to die just to get me curious about his books. Truth is, back in high school, I had a livejournal friend who was so obsessed with “The Catcher in The Rye” that she would mention a quote or two from it in every entry. I got so annoyed that I swore I’d never read the damn book (silly, I know). But since I made a booklist this year, I’ve decided to add a J.D. Salinger book out of genuine curiosity. Bad timing but, better late than never. The question is which one.. I have yet to decide. Which one do you think I should read? Please consider the fact that I am new to J.D. Salinger and that I’m not big on the classics. I did enjoy Jane Austen and Homer though.

Going completely off-topic here but I am turning 20 in a little more than a week and I'm beginning to accept the fact that my age will no longer have a TEEN on it. I'm still not sure how I feel about getting older because I never used to feel any different. However, with the job fairs I have to go to and the future job interviews, turning 20 seems more like a reality check for me. I'm out of school and unemployed. Sad, sad reality. Here's my birthday wish list though if you ever feel like brightening up this somber occasion - the end of my youth:

If you're feeling even more generous, ask me for my Amazon wish list. As some of you know, I collect DVDs and there are LOTS more that I want to add to my collection. Someday, I'll post an entry dedicated to my growing DVD collection to show you a few of the titles I've acquired over the years.