A little wedding, 4 of 345

A page from "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"
Fittingly enough, we were preparing to go to a wedding while I was reading my book. Both my parents were principal sponsors while my sister and I were the ultimate chaperones. So my 4th entry for Project 345 is a bit more interesting than usual.

In my opinion, the wedding was quite sad. The bride and groom are too young to get married at 19 years old. The bride is also 7 months pregnant. Are they ready to take on this difficult life ahead of them? I'm 19 (turning 20 in less than a month) and my biggest problem right now is finding a job! I know that everyone's taking vastly different paths but wow, I can't get over how young they both are. The sadness in the bride's mom's eyes was quite a sight. She cried quietly in her seat and it honestly broke my heart. What else could she do, as a mother, but hope for the best, right?