This morning, beginning of Project 345

Good morning! My mood is quite steady as I listen to Explosions in The Sky and Sufjan Stevens. Let me share some photos taken a few minutes ago here in my room!

New sheets, finally. The floral one I'd been using for more than two weeks now was beginning to stink.

A cookie (or three) every morning is a must.

A well-decorated television.

Welcome to the chaos that is my closet.. I think I need better hangers. Agree?

Somewhere in there lies my favorite pair of shoes.. The more fragile ones are kept more neatly in another shelf.

Nope, this isn't what I meant by "neat". Haha. The neat shelf is too high up to take pictures of. :P The presence of those Nike sneakers in there requires further explanation. Let's not go there. I need to move those Uggs someplace else.

I'm starting my Project 345 since I wasn't able to start on the first of January. I think it's still worth doing despite the lack of 20 days. This entry officially marks the first!