An afternoon at the playground

This is seriously the cutest and most charming cafe ever. The atmosphere is lovely and welcoming, the food's pretty good (although I wish their pasta menu would make a comeback), and there's free Wi-Fi that's faster than that of Starbucks'. I think I wanna live here.
Cafe Noriter is a Korean cafe that opened last year and aroused the curiosity of many.. including me and my friends. I first went there weeks after its opening with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They have treehouse-like booths great for big groups who want to hang out. Cushions are available for when you want to relax or.. sleep (some seriously do sleep there..). The walls are all decorated with cute paintings, sketches, framed photographs, polaroid pictures, dangling trinkets, and whatnot! Ohmy, it's the perfect place for inspiration! My only complaint: Some groups are SOO DAMN LOUD. But that can't be helped and it isn't Cafe Noriter's fault either. So whatever!

Banana split and an iced cafe latte. They ask you to try it on the spot so they can modify it if you think it's too sweet or bitter.; my lovely male friends.
I really wish Cafe Noriter opened a year earlier! I had wasted tons of money and precious time hanging out at Starbucks wherein the Wi-Fi SUCKS ASS and the ventilation is unsteady. Now that I'm done with school, I might just consider going to Taft just to visit this cafe!