Turning Korean for a day

I went to school yesterday to fix my final requirements for graduation. I never realized just how much I missed the campus til I got there. I hate to say it but, I'm really gonna miss going to school everyday!
Macky and JD

I got these from eBay! They're a size bigger but I find that wearing socks fixes the problem... almost.

I was really craving for some good, ol' Korean food. I've been on a mission towards a healthier lifestyle since the beginning of the year and have started eating vegetables and fruits more. I love Korean food because they're so tasty and spicy! But now, I love them even more because they're actually good for your health and body.

I discovered a Korean restaurant years ago and the funny thing is, I don't remember how I did! I brought my friends along without really knowing whether the restaurant was still there or not. The walk from school took a while since it's actually pretty far but I was crossing my fingers the whole time, hoping for the place to show itself soon as we were all hungry already.

GOOD AND BAD: The restaurant still existed BUT, it's closed every Mondays. Frustration came over me very briefly til I looked next door and found another Korean restaurant! And it's open! Life saver! My friends looked so hungry that I'd hate for them to have to walk back to school with an empty stomach. And honestly, I'd NEVER hear the end of it.

As you can see on the wall, there's a set meal for 500 pesos (around $10) complete with Bulgogi (my favorite), side dishes such as kimchi and dried fish, and vegetables. We ordered that and 5 cups of rice. It was a very cheap group meal, actually.

Magic towels! Pour a bit of water and they transform into hand towels. We were so amazed! The side dishes arrived shortly after. This is Kimchi (if you can't tell).

The main dish arrived after a while. It looked and tasted really, really good. WE LOVED IT! It was so spicy though! Look at how red it is.

Bulgogi and Egg Rolls.. YUM. Wish I could have some right now.

We had a very delicious and satisfying lunch. The owner was very nice and kept checking on us. Later on, he offered free sodas for everyone! Yay! Kamsahamnida!!

After the meal, we were ready for some dessert so we walked to the Korean mart that we passed on our way to the restaurant. We were really in the mood for Korean food, I guess. What a great day!

Huge selection of Korean snacks and ice cream!
As if to add to the whole Korean vibe, I found a BIG BANG CD at a local bookstore! I went to the mall after lunch to meet up with my high school friend and imagine my surprise when I saw this! I had to buy it right away! It's an imported CD, not a reproduction which is great. This is actually their 2nd Japanese album. I tried to look around for a copy of any of their Korean albums but nah, this was the only album available. I also found Super Junior, SNSD, f(x), and DBSK cds! Korean invasion, much? I thought that was over a long time ago?