The dress dilemma

A few days ago, before I went to my friend's birthday party, I was having trouble picking an outfit. I brought out my favorite dresses (at the moment) and picked whichever felt right.. The black dress is from Topshop and it has a cute little bow. I didn't pick it despite its utter cuteness because it looked too formal for the event. The black and white dress is also from Topshop and I just didn't feel like wearing it that night. I'm so fickle, I know.
This is a beautiful strapless dress by Glitterati. My friend's sister owns it and they sell lots of really cute dresses, skirts, and tops for a reasonable price. I wore this dress before during a beach party but I decided to wear it again because it's just too cute! Paired it with my pale pink heels and my black blazer. Pictures from the party to follow!