When a child turns three

My baby niece, Eunice turned 3 this week!

A birthday party means so much more to my family. We treat it as an opportunity to come together and celebrate by cooking lots and lots of food and gathering until midnight. When the schedule permits, we go out of town as well. We've been to the beach together countless times!

This week, one of my cousin's kids turned three! She also happens to be the only girl in the bunch so it was a really special day. Not only did we serve tons of food, we also had fireworks! I'm sure Eunice will remember her 3rd birthday for a long, long time.

I took this after we were done eating! Still a lot of food left!

My youngest nephew - JUSTIN! With his grandfather and my cousin's dad.

Eunice's birthday cake! Hmm.. notice anything?

The reason why the cake is lacking its edible flowers..