The ultimate test for a sweet tooth

I welcomed 2010 by setting one clear goal for myself: LOSE WEIGHT. Everyone in my family knows that I love sweets. I eat chocolates everyday and I can finish a bag of Dark Chocolate Raisinets all by myself if I had my way. But I'm about to say goodbye to my teenage life and enter the real world. I realized now that I have to start looking after myself in every way. I've decided to start with my body. Whenever I gain weight, it goes to my incredibly round face first and it is so annoying! I really hate my cheeky round face. I also have some tummy fat that I wanna get rid of. So how am I going to lose weight? Well, I've a plan. First, I'm gonna start going to the gym again next week with my mom. It's been more than a year since I last went and my daily activity consists mostly of sleeping and eating. No wonder I'm getting fat. Second, I've decided to cut down on the sweets and my overall food intake. This one is the hardest because I cannot live without my chocolates but I figured I have to make an effort if I really want to make this happen. I've stopped buying Raisinets and Andes Mint Chocolates. I have been eating cereals for breakfast for more than a week now as well. I eat snacks in between meals to make sure I don't get too hungry. And lastly, I've stopped drinking sodas! No more Coke or Pepsi for me! YES. I'm so used to drinking sodas that I forget to drink water. I tried drinking tea but it doesn't agree with me. I do not like its taste or rather, its lack of any! It's nice to smell though. There are some minor changes as well. I've replaced ice cream with fat-free yogurt (the photo above is of me, eating my last cup of ice cream!). I also swear to start eating veggies. I'll let you know if anything good comes out of this new diet plan of mine.