Christmas Eve in Photos: Part 1 - FOOD

A bottle of water with a BoA sticker endorsing Soju (I think.. my understanding of the Korean language is pretty shady)

We spent our Christmas in Pampanga with my aunt and two cousins. We had no specific plan for our stay so we just did whatever we felt like doing. For Christmas eve, we decided to have dinner at a Korean restaurant near our place. I wouldn't describe the food as stellar or mind-blowing because honestly, it wasn't. Still, I'm willing to try other Korean restaurants to get a better feel of their cuisine. I'm guessing the taste had to do with the restaurant. The bulgogi I had here is a lot different from the previous ones I've had so I know there's something wrong. Or maybe there are different ways of making bulgogi? I have no idea!

After the not-so-pleasant Korean dinner, we went to Holiday Inn to have a dessert buffet! What a sinful but fulfilling way to end the night.

The side dishes.. I liked the dried fish the most

My favorite - EGG ROLLS. Haha.

My mom's order - Bibimbap. She said it was good.

Bulgogi.. too soupy for my taste. I've had better bulgogi before.

Sweets galore