Getting out of my slump

I have to admit two things: My biggest weakness of all is that I listen too much to what other people say about me and my work. And that I've been in a creative slump for months because of that. You see, even if I tell myself that other people's opinions are irrelevant and that I should take every word with a grain of salt, it's not that easy. It's easy to tell people that, but to actually apply it to your own life is a challenge. I've decided to write about this after reading a friend's frustrated tweets doubting his own creativity. I've had many highs and lows when it comes to photography having started since high school. There were times when a single comment would depress me for so long, longer than it should. But then, the internet is what it is. Everyone can say whatever they want and you can't do anything about it. That has been established. However, what if the comment came from a person you know in real life? And what if the said comment was said behind your back? Now, THAT is a different story.

I had to start on my thesis months ago and that added to the few reasons why I stopped taking pictures. Except when there's an occasion because when you have a camera (and a good one at that), you're sort of the photographer for all seasons. But dang, even the snapshots I took in those months all looked so damn ugly to me. Every single one! I was so frustrated and I thought, "What have I been doing all these years??" So I put down my camera and continued writing my screenplay to finally finish school. I thought, maybe I'm meant to leave photography behind and just focus on my film aspirations. BUT NO. NO WAY.

So what did I do about my big slump? After I finished my thesis and fixed everything for my graduation, I picked up my camera once again. Not because of any occasion but because I just missed making pretty pictures. I decided to bring it with me everyday and made it a point to take a photo of anything at all. Then slowly, you get back to your old, enthusiastic self who sees the beauty in even the littlest things. It slowly brings you back to life again. And it's exciting! So enjoy the trip downhill because the only way to go from there is back up again. Listen to criticisms and learn from them then move on.

So my tip to those feeling down about their work.. It's okay! Feel bad about it for a second but, never put down your camera. Everyone thinks they're better than everyone. That's how it works! And what's popular and trendy isn't necessarily what's great. Keep on doing what you love and aim to satisfy yourself and yourself only! :)